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Presidential Solid Walnut Flag Case

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A cherished veteran flag represents the past, present and future of this great nation and dedication of those sworn to protect it. A display case is the perfect way to preserve, protect, and proudly display this cherished memory. We have selected the highest quality wood and acrylic cases available. Our flag cases can be wall mounted, free standing, mounted on a pedestal or urn base. Engraved brass plates are available for all our flag cases.

  • Finest Flag Case we have found
  • Solid Walnut
  • 1 Beveled Glass Front
  • Hinged Lid
  • Concealed Magnetic Closure
  • Wall-Mount or Free-standing
  • Optional Pedestal Base with Sevice Medallion
  • Optional Full length Pedestal/Memorial Urn Base

Model #: F11W, F12W, F120-A, F12W-A, F12W-N, F12W-M, F12W-C, F13W
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Available options:

Presidential with Solid Walnut Finish
    F11W $ 185.00

Presidential Walnut with Pedestal/GreatSeal Medallion
    F12W $ 220.00

Presidential Walnut with Pedestal/AirForce Medallion
    F120-A $ 220.00

Presidential Walnut with Pedestal/Army Medallion
    F12W-A $ 220.00

Presidential Walnut with Pedestal/Navy Medallion
    F12W-N $ 220.00

Presidential Walnut with Pedestral/Marine Corps
    F12W-M $ 220.00

Presidential Walnut with Pedestral/Coast Guard
    F12W-C $ 220.00

Presidential Walnut with full-length Pedestral Urn
    F13W $ 255.00

Engravings (Add 35$):
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Date of Death:

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