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PromoNet Technologies, Inc. was founded in late 1993 and has emerged to be a World Class Internet Marketing Communications Company. We are focused on assisting our clients in their efforts to become successful in the Internet/Web Channel.

We began our existence developing Web pages when everyone else was rushing to become an ISP. During that time, download speeds were throttled by 14.4 modems and Web browsers still in Beta testing. Influenced by that early experience, we have never lost sight of the need to optimize every file for the most rapid download possible. There have been and continue to be numerous changes in connectivity, Web browsers and OS technologies which have allowed Web sites to become media rich; however, Web site visitors still begin leaving at about 8 seconds of download time.

The rapidly changing pace in Search Engine algorithms, software and hardware development and the need to tie everything together resulted in our expansion into maintenance support programs in 1995, hosting services in 1996, application software programs in 1996, search engine marketing in 1998, and strategic management in 2000. Since 2000, we have also focused on an initiative to qualify offshore vendors to offer as an option to clients with tight budgets and those who wish to shorten the development cycle or who are working against tight deadlines.

One thing in our business is certain - change will continue - and we will continue to change - but we will never lose sight of our goal - making Raving Fans!.



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