Extensive Technical Service Support

PromoNet Technologies, Inc. pioneered Web maintenance programs in an effort to help our clients manage cost and technical/marketing support. Over the years we have compiled a comprehensive list of the most popular support capabilities and have developed innovative approaches to time management that will fit into just about any scenario. Recently, we have added offshore maintenance support that mirrors our own capabilities. In certain situations, this approach can lower support costs even further and often provide finished work the very next day. Our current maintenance support capabilities includes:

  • HTML, DHTML, and XML mark-up.

  • Site & Page Revision and Graphic Design.

  • PHP & CGI Scripting.

  • Java, Java Scripting & PHP support.

  • C & C++ programming.

  • Technical Support & Troubleshooting.

  • E-mail Services.

  • Graphic Development for Navigation.

  • Data Entry.

  • Audio File Editing.

  • Set Up of FTP services for Audio and Video Files.

  • Web Site Archiving and Backup services.

  • Digital Photography

  • Image Scanning and Editing.

  • Advanced Webmaster Support.

  • Training Services.

  • Internet Channel Analysis.

  • Custom Web Analytics Report Generation.

  • Copy Writing.

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